Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My high and low of the day.

OK today has been and on /off kinda day.
the day started off ok, besides the rain and gray sky.
but then Jason called and said he was coming home because he
is sick. so he comes home but first he goes and gets the internet for our
laptop. having internet is nice to have but its kinda slow. and i still haven't heard
from my brother about his ex girlfriends ultrasound. so i feel left in the dark abot all that.
then we go to town because neither me or Jason wants to make dinner so we go out again to
spent money on food. I think it hasn't been such a bad day. i think its my body reacting to the kinda day it is out side. on cloudy rainy days i feel so blah and bummed out. and its going to be like this all week. my goodness. OH and a really good thing that happened today was that jason got a great new job.. closer to home. in morris so more then likely we will move to morris next summer. so that was my day. i hope that tomorrow is better.
from heather

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