Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Not Working !!!!!!!!

So i have had my Wii Fit Plus for 2 weeks now and i have not lost one lb !!!!
I haven't missed one day and i work out 30 mins a day and i am always sweating after and NOTHING !!! I watch what i eat now and i work out, out side of the wii fit. Why haven't i lost any weight. My MBI is 40.24, this morning and it has stayed in the 40 range, never 39 or 41 just 40 ish, and my goal is to get my MBI to 36 by the end of june. and this rate it dosen't look like its going to be happending. I am not giving up, i just hope that i start to see the weight come off, that all my hard work isn't for nothing. but you know i sure can feel my body getting stronger and tighter Wow my legs are super tight now !!! I am pumped about that.
Well i will give another repart about the weight lost project in another 2 weeks. Till then chow !!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Prayer Summit

The pray Summit was last night and wow was it powerful.
Every one could feel the love of Christ flowing through the whole room. every one heard from God in a wonderful way. Even just thinking about it brings tears of joy to me.
I was parted with my cousin in law and a woman who sell's me flowers.
oh and Guess what, for the people who go to southland.......Ray Yoder is preaching the whole message next weekend!!! He has never done a message befor at southland, and his dad is flying all the way out to see his boy preach !!!
so nothing is going to keep me from going next weekend. bring the camara !!
I have fallen so in love with SouthLand, it is home to me and i love everyone there. Pastor Ray ( Duerksen ) has teached so many good thing to grow us all, but i see him do things, last night we were singing a song and well the music was going every one went up to take Communion
and we all went up and went to back to our set's and standing singing, and i saw pastor Ray serveing the band with the cup of jucie and a peice of bread. there were about 13 people on stage playing music for us and he served them all, it brough so much joy to me, and i could feel the love of Christ all around that buliding. Pastor Ray trully has the Heart of the Father !!

Thank you SouthLand for always bring there for me and for trully following what Jesus wants this Church to go. Thank you Jesus for making your bride beautiful and showing us how to be spotless, and thank you for the wonderful Gifts from the Holy Spirit !!
God Bless SouthLand !!!