Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wii Fit Update

I have had my Wii Fit now for 40 days. i have only missed 10 days in those 40 days.
my last post about my Wii Fit, i had said that i couldnt break that 40 MBI (109 kg), and now i have, i am now 39 MBI almost 38, (107-106 kg). I am pumped. My dead line is july 13 2010 and my goal weight is for that time, is 36 MBI. so i am hoping i can do this. and stick with it, its soooo hard not eating junk. i have been caving in sometimes. mostly with pepis and chip's and the things i bake. i LOVE to bake with chocolate. and i love even more to eat it. i made Jason a chocolate whipped pudding pie for father's day, and its been starring at me all day now.
i have been trying to eat more fruit and veggies but its just not filling, i want bread and meats. lol this is so hard to do. so many times i want to give up and stuff my face. But i have to do this for my kids. i see them turning in to me and doing everything i am doing. and i dont want them to have this hardship of being over weight,(i dont think they could be over weight even if they tryed, there unrau's) lol i have to do some more research about what i can eat that will fill me and that is healthy, Let me know if you know of anything !!! Thanks for stopping by, God bless !!! I'll write again about My Wii work is going in 2 weeks. till then !!!!!