Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bake A Cake

So my mother was over yesterday and helping me clean and i was up stairs working on a bunch of junk, and she was reading Sibylla and Lucious a Winnie the pooh book and in the book they were having a birthday party, so be for they were done the book, My sweet mother said, " who wants to make a birthday cake ?" and my kids went " YEAH". So ........ i found a old no name cake box mix and we made a cake. my mom taught my kids how to crack an egg, which was funny to watch and they hated the sound of the mixer, and we used a bunt cake pan, and made VERY blue icing, it looks very cool and tested very gross. But all in all it was fun to do !!!

I love that sibylla is the same color as the cake .

and here are some other pictures for the day.

Monday, November 2, 2009


we always took pictures of the 3 of us, the day we left the hospital after having one of are kids. i can't believe how young i look with Lucious, me and jason were babies our self's, 17 and 21. and i was 19 when i has Sibylla and 21 with Elijah.




Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Blessed Week

what a wonderful week i had. I have been in my bible all week long, getting filled with the holy spirit, and hearing from God. I use to hate having to read my bible, but now a cant get enough of it, i am even pick it over my novels. CRAZY. but loving it. Monday me, jason, lucious wents to sozo, so that Lucious could be prayed over. and on Tuesday was the pray summit, which was AMAZING !!!! praying as a Church all together. wonderful night. Wednesday, my mom come over and we took the kids to DQ, there is a pic of it in my last post. Thursday was the hallelujah bash at the church, kids all get to dress up and there are games and singing. Lucious was thomas the train and sibylla was a purple fairy. and friday was swimming for Lucious, and Saturday we drove around well the kids slept and then went to jasons parents place, and today we have Church and then going to jasons parents place again. as always.

-praying for Lucious
-going to the prayer summit
-playing sword fights with Lucious
-getting filled with the holy spirit
-going out with my mom to DQ
-taking the kids to the party at church
-singing my baby to sleep
-going swimming with Lucious
-driving around looking at houses with my hubby
-making "bad" jokes with my mother in law. ( so funny)
-coloring with my kids