Thursday, March 26, 2009

The books i read.

I love to read. i never use to until...last year, and since then i have gone book happy and read over 15 books in one year. I love novels that hold you on the end of your set....well most of the time i do. there is one book i read that did put me at the end on my set but it was very dark. Ted Dekker, is one of my favorite author's and he is really good at telling the story, but he wrote a book called Adam, and that is the dark book i had talked about. I read it in 2-3 days, and i felt really weird after finishing Reading it. But i love some of his other books. like the lost books ( 4 books all together) very good. and iam looking forward to reading his newest book Boneman's daughters. Right now iam reading angela hunt's books. she is very good story teller as well, just her books are more about the heart matters and Ted dekker is a hold your breath kinda author.

I have read Angela's book unspoken, very very good. it made me cry. and no book has ever made me cry. I read that in 1 week. right now iam reading another one of her books, that iam finding it very hard to read . The pearl. This woman loses her 5 year old son in an accented and shes telling the story, when there at the funalr and how she is acting...every time i stop reading, and i put my book down. i think about my sweet little boy, and i have a mind that wonders sooo much, and i start thinking about , what if that would happened to my Lucious. i started crying my eyes out thinking, at Lucious funeral all i could say is how every day he would pray that Jesus would play transforms with him, and that he would be having the time of his life with Jesus playing his games with him. i cred so much that i went and claimed in bed with him and held him. Praying that i dont lose my son. I think iam going to hold off on reading anymore of that book and go get another one. witch is fine...Angela Hunt has a lot of books out.

anywho....until next time.


graciegirl said...

Shmoo I enjoyed reading your blogs about the books your reading, I'd like to take a little creadit for that :) I love to read as my mother does thing?
What did you think of the shack?

graciegirl said...

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