Saturday, October 30, 2010

101 in 1001

So I did two things..........
I have been going through my list right now and, I see there are 4 things I have done!!!

#16 Get Lucious in swimming

and hockey.

*Swimming has started and hockey doesn't start till its cold enough to make ice. he has hot wheels skits.
#52 Make a new friend.
* When we moved to our new town, I got invited to a pre-school class and I meet a woman named Marena ( sorry if i spelt your name wrong) her son is in the same class as Lucious.

She has invited me to her home for lunch next week.
Swimming is scheduled next week too.

#58 Make behavior charts for Lucious and Sibylla.
*There are 6 things for them to do and, if they do them ... they get a star.
5 stars gets them one dollar!
There really doing good about the putting the dishes in the sink but not too good at cleaning there room:-)

# 86 Call the police if I see some one breaking the law.
*I saw some guy showing off for his friends one night... he was driving like a crazy man!!! Then his car went out of control and crashed his car into the side walk!!! So I did what any responsible mom would do.... called the police and hopefully they got charged !!