Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Google my name

so a few years ago, my sister in law said she googled her name with diffrent words with it and write down the first thing that popped up, so i did that with mine and jason's name and this is what came up...note, i dont like some of them but thats what come up first so i have to put them to be fair. heather needs: MEN NOW heather looks like: smooth noddle maps heather love: poems for ron heather does : england heather hates: you heather goes: hollywood heather eats: nasty food/ goldfish heather has: two mommies heather wants: to kick pamela anderson's ass jason needs: a helmet jason looks like: a midget on flickr jason loves:funny cartoons jason does:some killing jason hates jazz jason goes: to hell - NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !!! jason has: a gun/ been shot jason eats:cayenne pepper jason wants:someone to ask a question

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jason's New Gun

He finally got his Gun. Its a Savage 111 .270 He loves it. Im so happy for him. its super heavey. well to me it is.

Jason- Old to New

I have some great pics of Jason. he grow out his beard for winter. but he started looking to much like his dad and it felt to weird kissing him. lol