Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An update on everything

WOW its been a long time since i've came on my blog. Iam so busy with my kids and cleaning and cooking and we are looking to buy a house now. But right now my 2 older kids are at the baby sitters and my mom is over so well she is spending sometime with my baby, i can do some blogging. Iam going to put some pics from the past 3 weeks. We had a great thanks giving. lol i found out the my aunty is scared out of her plants of wood spoons. oh i had fun with that

my cousin jenny made a wonderful meal. It was a great time.

My poor bylla, she was playing with her older brother and jumping on the bed, and she fall and smashed her face in the head board. it got all purple and bleeding, i called jason home right away. i thought she broke her nose. but befor jason even got home she was trying to jump on the bed again. i didnt let her. i dont think the pain in her face came until later that night. but then 2 days later she go two big black eyes. poor baby girl !!! she still trys jumping on her bed.

Look how big my baby is !!! He smile's all the time now, it just lights up my day. He looks every where, he see things and loves to look at everything. just looking at his you can tell he is going to be so smart.

My sweet lucious, hes getting so big, his 4th birthday is next week. i can't belive it. He is turning in to be such a sweet caring young boy. and he loves the Lord. We went to a non-christan home for thanksgiving and he made all the kids hold hand at the table and prayed a blessing over the food. He always tells people that Jesus is in his heart. and that he is a friend of Jesus.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with my 3 wonderful children. I pray that they always wake with you and speak your name !!