Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Having another baby !!!!

WOW. i haven't blogged in so long. i have been sick with MORNING SICKNESS. crazy. me and jason are having another baby. this will make 3. and again WOW. we were only planing to have 2 children because of how unbelievably sick i get when iam pregnant. But God works in his ways and he has other plans for us. so he blessed us with this soon to be baby, and on top of it, IAM NOT THAT SICK. praise Jesus. My pills i take for the sickness work this time. witch iam so happy about. so iam due Aug 3 2009. and my sister in law is also pregnant and she is due July 15 2009 so we are going to have babies so close together. That i think it so cool how God planed this. GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD !!!