Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wii Fit Plus

We got a Wii Fit Plus on Friday. I decided to loss the weight i have put on over the years. when i was 16 i was 110 and now at 22 i am 218, and last month i had told every one that i like being over weight and i like how i look, which is true, i do like how i look, but i am always very tired and and laying down and the kids are always seeing that, and on Friday Lucious has pre-school and we walk there, only a 10 min walk, and on the way back Lucious was saying how tired he is and when we got home he lay ed down, and i so did i, and i ask him to get me something or do something and he is now always telling me that he is to tired and his back hurts. He is starting to say everything i am saying, and i realized on Friday that i am bringing him into lazyness and not helping him be active and enjoying life, so i decide to loss my weight and get active with him. so when jason got home from winnipeg, i made him go back there and get a Wii Fit, and i have been working out like crazy. and Lucious loves to work out on there too. and i started mowing the lawn, which is a work out all in its self. and last night jason bought me new running shoes and were fixing my bike tonight. I've only had the Wii Fit for 5 days and i have noticed such a big differences. i haven't lost any weight yet but i have more energy to do sooo much stuff. and i am having so much fun. My Short term goal is 20 lbs in 2 months. My Long time goal is to get down to my proper size for my height and age, which is around 125 lbs. i have a long run a head of me but playing over in my mind, how Lucious was acting is so worth it. and Having Such an amazing husband that is supporting me is a get bonus !!