Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mother-Daughter Day

Me and my beautiful little girl went out for a wonderful walk to the town store/cafe for lunch. just the two of us, which we haven't done before. we had such a great time. she picked up a bunch of rocks and wanted to feed them to the cows we past. lol and then she wanted to keep them because she said it was her money, but then i showed her the little card daddy gave me and told her we dont need rocks we have daddys money, and that put a big smile on her. lol
we both had cheese bugers, she didnt eat her but she wanted to give it to daddy. but she ate all her fyrs, but i am thinking that she ate more kechup then fyrs. then we shared a chocolate bar together. It was such a great time. when we got home i told jason that iam going to take her out just me and her once a month. i would like to do it more often but we trying to save money so, but jason said he's fine with once a month.
i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. i hope we always have boys from now on, so she will always be my one and only baby girl !!