Friday, September 3, 2010

Ted Dekker

On my 101 in 1001 list, one of them is to read all of Ted Dekker's books. i have about 10 more to go. 4 of them short stories. i just finished boneman's daughters. very good. my next book on my list is House. then iam hoping Tea with Hezbollah. The book is not a novel like all his others. its about a trip he and a friend made to the middle east. Below the title it reads, sitting at the enemies table. my mother in law is reading it right now so when i get it back from her, i know my nose will be in that book all night. being in bed for the past week i read boneman's daughters in 4 days. I plan on owning all of Ted Dekker's book and reading them all. i love all his books. i haven't read one i haven't liked. Adam was the hardest to read because of how my past was but i still read it in 2 days. His new book Immanuel's veins looks soooo good. it comes out sept 7 and i will be the first in line for it. i know jason might say other wise but i know i will get my way. :)
the ones i still have to read are:
- Blink of an eye
-The bride collector
-A man called blessed
-Immanuels veins
-House (reading now)
-Tea with hezbolliah
and there are four short stories.
I'm super pumped about reading them all. My favorte our, Black, Red, White, and Green !!!
You can find all stuff Ted Dekker at his website.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My Beautiful, sweet baby growing in my belly is gone.
On sunday morning i started bleeding and i went to the hospital and they couldn't
find a heart beat, and at 12 weeks you should be able to find one.
on monday morning i went to my doctor who is taking care of my pregnantcy and he
also couldn't find a heart beat and this morning i had an ultrasound and it showed that the
baby was not alive. My heart is breaking but God has not let go of my hand.
Jason has been by my side and my mom too. and my sister in law is helping a lot to because
she also had a miscarrage 3 years ago. i am so greatful for the loving family i have all around me.
and i am also so greatful that i can always feel Jesus' love on me. as hard as this is, i am at peace with it. I know my sweet baby is in the arms of my Lord and i will see that baby when i get to heaven. it remains me of that song...oh i dont know who sings it but it gose..."lost befor i had you, gone befor you came, but i love you just the same. and i know in heaven will meet again." its a beautiful song about just what iam feeling.
thank you Jesus for the wonderful 3 months i had this wonderful child growing in me.
I love you Jesus and i trust your plan for me is good and full of love.