Wednesday, September 29, 2010

101 in 1001 Changes

Changes to my 101 in 1001

number 71- get a spider
changing because I really really dont want one
and because Lucious is scared of them and because my hubby said no way.
Lol so I am changing 71 to getting a snake :) which I really really want !!!

Number 10- getting my scars removed
i'm leaving them there as a reminder for the freedom that Christ has given me and that I can be a light of hope to others who do cut. So number 10 is being changed to getting my tattoo removed.

Number 48 I am not changing but splitting up. So I am taking away what is on
# 45 and putting new windows on it and 48 will just be new siding.

# 41 Changing it to going to an Enpower with my mom. I've been to 2 of them but I need to go with my mom. Hopefully this spring.

And some things that are done on my 101 in 1001 list are :

#13 teach my kids the meaning of forgiveness
believe it or not, but my kids are very forgiving. When ever some one hurts them and when someone says im sorry to them for hurting them, they right away say, I forgive you. Its so sweet.

#64 walking with the kids every day.
Well having to walk Lucious to school every day I think that works for that. We walk
about 40 mins every day so its really good.

#1 watching only 2 hours a week of TV.
Diffidently got this one. I and Jason only watch movies and only like once a week, unless its a message from the church were watching then its more.