Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why i hate winter in manitoba.

LOL ok so today there is a big winters Storm out and the road are cove rd in ice and then snow dreafs on top of that. and you cant see were your going because its its all WHITE OUT.

we tryed to go to winnipeg today but had to turn around. yesterday we had no snow, only grass. it was so nice to look at and feel that spring is Finley here. then we wake up to 4 inch of snow EVERYWHERE. iam sitting at my table on facebook and i look out my window that faces the hwy and i see a van with the 4 ways on and iam think all the ice and snow on the road, and the big ditch's on either side are full to the top with water, flowing very fast. i start to think that we should go help. but i cant because i dont have my full license , so i go to ask jason to help them because i can see people walking around the van. and he wont get out of bed. what is with men. why can't they help people in need. iam 5 1/2 months pregnant and i wanted to go help them. its makes me mad. and he gets mad at me for always wanting to help people.

all well, no use me bitching about it, God will just have to work on him.

anyways. it looks as though we will be stuck at home for a few days. hope it all goes good.


graciegirl said...
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graciegirl said...

Did you take that picture of the van in front of your house?
Being almost 6 months pregnant you should not even entertain the idea of helping those people stuck in the snow. Yup guys can be like that, but maybe jason is just too sick to go out there.If not then he should have gone out to help...they may have children in the car, you never know.
Congrats on the new job to you and Jason.