Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My ultrasound....

Today i had my ultrasound to see my 3rd child. He/She was so little and moved a lot, and my due date got moved up too, it was aug 3 and now its aug 5, lol 2 days. but i still hope that i have it on the 3rd. I couldn't fine out the sex but even if they were allowed to tell me, the baby wouldnt let them. He/her legs were crossed and tucked under her/his bum and the hands were hiding that area and the embila cord was all wrapped around there too. so it was just a big mess down there.
but its ok, it want to be surprise. these are the names i like, for a boy i like Ezra. for a girl i love the name Evolet or Annaka. but the only things is that jason dosen't like any of those but, will see about that after all the pushing and yelling. i'll get my way.lol

Its also my birthday. iam 21 now. sooo old. lol. iam on the 4th day of celebrating and i think that iam good now for another 2 years. This is the stuff i got for my birthday....my mom : new keen shoes. very nice ones. and a big red casserole dish. Jason's parents got me a $30 for hulls.
Frank got me a big fluffy pillow. and jason and the kids got me a card....of a big fat cow with whole on it. just think of the ace i gave jason. big fat cow. are you trying to tell me something. lol
but iam still hoping that he gets me ballet ticktes. well see.
anyways, till next time.
from Heather

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graciegirl said...

Hey my girl.
Happy Birthday! Now you can be PREGNANT (really) in the KITCHEN (with your new red pot )and not... BARE FOOT, but with your new shoes...
Enjoy your birthday. I know that you are tired of all the attention, but remember that you bless others by recieveing there gifts, cards, and greetings. Enjoy it, you are only 21 once.

I am looking forward to being a grandmother again, #3. I love the name Ezra, but how about -- ULLYIA for a girls name? Say it with your last name sounds pretty catchy, eh???
love ya, mom