Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saying GoodBye

On Sept 8th was the Ecumenical Memorial and Committal of Ashes Service for the baby we Miscarried. I was a beautiful day for it, and it was in the same cemetery that my Grandparents are bared at, so i got to go visit them too. It was hard to be there. They had the ashes of all the babys miscarried/stillborns in the past 6 months put in to the crypt. that was the hardest part for me, them pouring the ashes into it. there was a lot of people there, it was hard to be alone, plus my kids were there so. I am happy that my family came, thanks to mom, brentt and mom and dad (unrau) for coming. and thank you so much for my loving husband, who saw how sad i was and went and bought me a new Ted Dekker book. thanks sweety.
and a big thanks to St.Boniface Hospital for taking care of my little baby with such care and doing a beautiful service for him.

Rest in the arms of our sweet Lord Jesus Christ, My Baby Crimson.
Mommy loves you and thinks of you everyday.