Friday, April 3, 2009

My great day !!!

I had a great day with my kids. they were so good today, well right now lucious is punching me, and iam not liking that. Oh my Goodness, did you know that when your fire alarm goes off, if you dont turn it off right away ( of course meaning your House isnt on fire) that it gets louder and louder. my goodness that was crazy. anyways, i dont know why it would have been such a great day, because i cleaned the enter time. but i had fun doing it. I cleaned my table, witch hasn't been cleaned in months, and i but my table cloth on it witch i haven't put on in over a year. but the kids love it, Lucious thinks its a tent now and plays under the table, he even had lunch under there. we watched very little t.v today witch is not like us at all. we had music on most of the day.

well we were cleaning Sibylla was able to find 2 soothers that have been missing for months. so iam really happy about that. I took apart the top of my stove and clean all the stuff there, so its really pretty now. Then we all went for naps, sibylla always goes down really good, and i lay down with lucious in my bed, and it takes about 15-20mins to get he to fall fully asleep, but today it took over an hour. and he only slept 1 hour. all well. I realized something though when we were laying down. I always loved laying down with lucious for naps, its always funny, at first he always tells me " mom, dont hold me " so i stop holding him. but as he falls asleep, he always says "mom, can you hold me " and i always do. this is really special to me. because he wont always want to snuggle. and i realized that i wont be able to do that with him come augs, because the baby will be here. thinking about it well holding him made me really sad. But time has to change. I'll have God and jason to help me through if iam having a hard time with it.

We just got home now from getting the mail and getting a new broom and some food from the store and of cour es washing the car. the kids are so nosey in the car. Mine and Jason's ears always hurt when were in the car because the kids always sing or "shot" stuff.
Right now Jason is trying to fix our drive way, i dont think its going to work, what ever he trying to do out there. Our drive way is full of water and mud and its just a mess every where. and plus its going to be melting soon so i dont know the point in trying to fix it. all well. its getting dark so iam sure he'll be in soon.
well its 8pm so iam going to be put my kids to bed and go have a nice hot shower. maybe i'll be able to get Jason to join me. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 Kids all at play.

Well today i have my two kids and my sister-in-law's 3 kids are here.
and my house is very small so there isn't alot of room to run around.
but they seemed to have fun anyways. the girls loved playing on the pink
horse we have and the boys were having fun playing wii and playing guns.
(boys lol) we enjoyed pizza pops for lunch, well me and arile had tomato sandwich's.
right now rayray,lucious and arile are outside playing in the snow and making snowman. and kahlan is playing in the living room and my poor sibylla is standing on a chair watching out the window at the other kids outside. next year she should be able to go outside with them without me. rayray is trying to be a big helper today. she wants to wash my dish's but i dont know, i dont want her to break anything and iam not sure if they would come out clean. I dont even like Jason washing the dishs. anyways i thought this day would be hard and loud and just to much for me, but it turned out to be a great day. the kids were great.




the kids making a snow man.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Iam not in the mood for writing , but i do want to show off my pics of my beautiful children.