Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Who ???

lol... it was so funny. last weekend was davids birthday and this last weekend was bryans birthday... and me and jason and david and crystal was sitting at the dinner talbe talk and saying funny things and just having a great time laughing and then divid was telling me something that out friend stafen was saying and it was funny and then joanne walk in the room with bryan's birthdays cake and started singing happy birthday and we stop talking and sang and long and when it go to the part " happy birthday bryan...." i go "daivd" ...lmso....everyone laughed at me...well really i was laughing too. there are so many birthdays in the fall i get so mixed weekend is the kids birthday and then after that is my brothers birthday and then after that is my sons birthday, and then there is my daughter's birthday. lol.....iam sure i'll make it up to bryan on next weekend birthday. lol