Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Stuff

So lot's of stuff has happened.
Easter was amazing. check out
and go to testimonies and its April 3-4 "cardboard testimonies"
so good. i cry every time i watch it.
there is an old man on there saying his wife will soon die...........she died the day after this was taken. But we all know that she is in the arms of her father.
so yesterday, i went for a walk with the kids, and it looked nice out and its was like 14 out and i went out in shorts and a tank top, and i locked my door and went for that walk. and then as i was walking i realized i dont have my keys. i know, so smart. lol so i was locked out for 2 hours, and it wasn't as warm as i thought it was. so i was cooled. but we sat in our porch and all our games are in the porch so we played games and we have a shelf out in the porch with snack food, so we had snacks too. so it wasn't so bad.
we had to take sibylla to the walk in last evening, she has pink eye. poor bylla.
and on Tuesday i took the kids to the dentist, and lucious has to get two fillings and its going to cost $600..i didnt think it would cost so much. its crazy.
there going to give him laughing gas but i dont think that going to help. i think we going to have to put him under. sadly. but i know other kids that had to do that.

101 IN 1001
# 56 is done, starting a game night with the kids, every Wednesday. the kids love to play the games.
#69 is done and on going, baking food for my mom to take to work. i baking muffins for her, and jason just bought my a texts muffin tin so i can make her jumbo muffins.