Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our new child

So sorry i haven't blogged, but i did have my 3rd child on Aug 28th. 35 hours of labour, 2 different hospitals, and a lot of drugs that didn't do anything but get me really high. lol and we got a beautiful baby boy !!!
Elijah was 7lbs and 14oz and 20 inchs at birth. Its been 3 weeks since then, and he's gotten so much bigger. he's around 9-10 lbs. He is such a good baby. iam loving every day. its almost easy er having 3 kids then it was having 2. lol. both Lucious and Sibylla love him. We are all doing so good. God spoke to me and jason and told us that he isn't done blessing us with children. so the plan to stop having kids, now has changed. and i couldn't be more happyer about it. iam so pumped about having more. jason too. i know a lot of people won't be happy about this but thats ok. i do as God has told me to do. and he will give me the strength i need to handle what people might say to me. I feel so happy and so blessed. Thank you Jesus for what you have planned for me and jason and our children.