Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sibylla's 1st Bithday

Wow. i can't believe that my baby is one. its so crazy. i can still remember bring her home like i was yesturday.lol....she's so big and walking. i just can't wrap my mind around it.

this it the gift my dad got her,to
little dolls.she loves them. she was
so happy when she opened them.

then we had a party at my moms place and there was the whole family there. she loved the balloon's.and playing with her brother and cousins

the pink and purple horse

she got from my two brothers

she loves it. look at that face. lol

her cake wasn't the best but she seemed to like it. she made such a mess all over her self we had to give her a bath after words. but that was ok too because she love to have baths.

Then the next day we had another party at jason's parents place. and wow that was a busy day. and there was so many people there. she got this blowing balls toy. she loved it. so did lucious.( he thinks its his)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A painful good-bye

About 3 weeks ago, my grandma passed away. she was 79 years old and she die of a heart attack.

she had the best laugh ever. i think it was because she was French. lol. When my dad called me and told me that she had died, i cry so much. it was so painful. and so much guilt come over me. see i haven't seen my grandma in 2 years. she hasn't even meet my 1 year old girl. I couldn't wrap my mind around that she died with out seeing her. i always wanted to go and see her. It hurt very much. i hope that she never thought that i didn't love her. i couldn't handle it if that's what she thought why i wasn't coming by. At the funeral we all come together as a family. it was really nice. My grandma's sister was there. and they look the same. it was like, my grandma was there, looking at her. i wanted so badly to through my arms around her and tell her how sorry i am. But i am happy that she is with Jesus now. free from pain. and with her hubby. my grandpa died in 2001. so she's been waiting 8 years to see him again. so i am very happy that there together again. i cant wait till i go home to, and i can see them. it well be nice.

Love you grandma and grandpa

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lucious is 3 years old.

WOW....my boy is 3 !!!!!! I can't belive it. its crazy. i still remeber when he was born and so small. and now he's so big and talks so much. We had so much fun on his birthday. on friday, oct 17, jason and i got him a thomas the train laptop and a pizzel. he loved it.then we went to the pool with grandma. (jasons mom) and then went back to jason's parents place for a bon-fire and had a wenner roast.

on oct 18, we went to my mom's pplace and it was all micky mouse stuff there. and my mom got him some movies and micky stuff and a nice pear a jeans. and we had a micky mouse cake. it was a great time.

on oct 19, we went to chruch and he got to go the threes room and play on the slide. and then we went over to jason's parent's place, and they hooked the horse up to a waggen and went for a ride with every one. the kids loved it and were jumping off the back. it was great. and then we went back to the house and had dinner and then Lucious opened his gift, witch was a car things.(you know..lol boy stuff) and then we had birthday cake, witch was thomas the train, 3D . it was the cookest cake every, and oh my, it was so good. Lucious eat thomas's face and its butt. it was funny. he eat just the icing. ummm...sugar. and then we went outside and had fireworks and and spriklers and the kids had a blast. and it took really cool pics. we were going to carve pumpkins but we didnt have time to. next week. we had so much fun, but best of all Lucious had fun.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jason and Me

Jason was in our room playing around with the laptop and we have a little webcam in it and i was in the shower and when i came in the room he pulled me and took a bunch of pics of us. lol

Sorry for the really funny faces jason always makes, but hey, lol thats him. and i love thats hes so goffy. lol.
me and jason have been together for almost 6 years and we have been married for almost 4 years. and we are loving every min of it.
sure we have stuff to deal with in marriage but who dosen't.
we just give it to God and work hard at the blessings God pours out.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Who ???

lol... it was so funny. last weekend was davids birthday and this last weekend was bryans birthday... and me and jason and david and crystal was sitting at the dinner talbe talk and saying funny things and just having a great time laughing and then divid was telling me something that out friend stafen was saying and it was funny and then joanne walk in the room with bryan's birthdays cake and started singing happy birthday and we stop talking and sang and long and when it go to the part " happy birthday bryan...." i go "daivd" ...lmso....everyone laughed at me...well really i was laughing too. there are so many birthdays in the fall i get so mixed up...next weekend is the kids birthday and then after that is my brothers birthday and then after that is my sons birthday, and then there is my daughter's birthday. lol.....iam sure i'll make it up to bryan on next weekend birthday. lol

Monday, August 25, 2008

Giving into God

Ok this is close to my heart so, I've been pulling away from God for a while, and its hard for me becuase i love him so much and i want to be with him. I been dealing with sin, and i just been gettin it in my head that i can't go to God for love or a friend to talk to when my heart is hurting, and i just kept pulling away from God, and i needed to talk to some one and i start talking to my uncle and he said something that must have come from the Holy Sprit. He told me that we are all sinners and that if iam waiting till iam fixed and not sinning anymore to come close to God, that day will never happend, becuase we are all sinners and the only day i won't sin is when i go home hand in hand with Jesus.
that just really encouraged me and i hope that if anyone reads this and i know that you sin, i hope this will help you, to keep coming to Jesus for forgiveness and a really helping friend.

Me,Jake and Matt....THE DOIRON'S

you seen the pic of me with my oldest brother matt, and when jake come over for a visit, i HAD to get a pic of all of us together, we haven't had a pic of us all together seens i was 14. I love this pic of us...iam all smiles and they're all "G" looking. lol, like i said on my facebook. they'll kick anyones ass that messes with me. lol

Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is my big brother Matt. hes the oldest, 24 years old. and i have 3 other brothers..Jake who is almost 22 and then there are my little brothers ..... Zakk who is 10 and Chad who is 6.
i see Matt the most because Jake and Zakk and Chad live with my dad.

Matt is showing me how to wear a hat. so i can be a " GANGSTER" LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


WOW i will never get tired of that angel face, she's so beautiful and those big blue eyes of hers.... man ... me and jason are going to be chaseing all the boys away. lol thats why me and jason are happy that we had Lucious first... BIG BROTHER. OH YA.
and then there is her screaming her haed off. i thought it was so cute i had to take a pic of it...so putting that up on her wedding day lol.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


WOW i had 2 raccoons come on my porch, they come ever night and and eat our cat's food, witch isn't good because it coats a lot of money. but there so cute and when i tap on the window, they didn't run away, they just looked at you and kept on eating .

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


God meet with me and Healed me BIG TIME. for anyone how dosent know , my knees were big time damged and i couldnt run and i sometimes couldnt walk, and jason would have to help me walk around, and i was resting in the sprit at enpower and God meet me there and HEALED MY KNEES. I CAN RUN. my knees are fixed, and i can run and my knees dont hurt. also i have been dealing with something that has been bugging me for 2 years and God set me free from it, my heart has changed, thank you Jesus. The Holy sprit worked in me and made me new.


It was so beautiful, it got brighter and brighter , and i tyred to get Jason to get a pic of it but he said that its getting brighter because that means the rain is coming faster. so i took it from my living room window, and he was right as soon as i took it, it started to rain like crazy. but it was so beautiful, God sure knew what he was doing when he made the rainbow.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Can i bat??

I think not.... on Wednesday we had a baseball game at 9pm and its black out and raining and lighting and it was going good, well we weren't winning but we were having fun , every time i went up to bat, it went like 10 feet and i only got to run like half way to 1st base , be for some one catches the ball, and then i had to go sit in the pit, AGAIN. so last night my wonderful husband went and bought me a bat,( even though we have no money for one) and hes helping me with batting. so next time i play, iam going to try to knock it over the fence like everyone else on the team did. Iam hoping be for the season is over that i can get a home run.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I went to baseball last night and iam on ready to catch the ball to get the other player out, my glove was up and only 3 inchs to far away for the ball, and WACK, the ball came at me full speed and hit me in my upper arm, and now it nice and red and in pain. and to you know , the one throwing the ball was on my team, thanks, way to play one for the team.

New for me.

First time blogging on my one blog, i hope it all works out. My name is Heather, iam 20 years old and iam married to a wonderful man named Jason, hes 24 and he is at Red River Collage.
We have 2 children, our son, Lucious is 2 1/2 years old and our baby girl, Sibylla, is 6 months.
We are followers of Jesus Christ, We stand for what the Bible has to teach and we go every sunday to chruch.