Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sibylla's 1st Bithday

Wow. i can't believe that my baby is one. its so crazy. i can still remember bring her home like i was yesturday.lol....she's so big and walking. i just can't wrap my mind around it.

this it the gift my dad got her,to
little dolls.she loves them. she was
so happy when she opened them.

then we had a party at my moms place and there was the whole family there. she loved the balloon's.and playing with her brother and cousins

the pink and purple horse

she got from my two brothers

she loves it. look at that face. lol

her cake wasn't the best but she seemed to like it. she made such a mess all over her self we had to give her a bath after words. but that was ok too because she love to have baths.

Then the next day we had another party at jason's parents place. and wow that was a busy day. and there was so many people there. she got this blowing balls toy. she loved it. so did lucious.( he thinks its his)

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graciegirl said...

HI shmoo
These are great picture's. Im so greatful that you all had a good birthday for Billa, she sure love's her gifts.