Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A painful good-bye

About 3 weeks ago, my grandma passed away. she was 79 years old and she die of a heart attack.

she had the best laugh ever. i think it was because she was French. lol. When my dad called me and told me that she had died, i cry so much. it was so painful. and so much guilt come over me. see i haven't seen my grandma in 2 years. she hasn't even meet my 1 year old girl. I couldn't wrap my mind around that she died with out seeing her. i always wanted to go and see her. It hurt very much. i hope that she never thought that i didn't love her. i couldn't handle it if that's what she thought why i wasn't coming by. At the funeral we all come together as a family. it was really nice. My grandma's sister was there. and they look the same. it was like, my grandma was there, looking at her. i wanted so badly to through my arms around her and tell her how sorry i am. But i am happy that she is with Jesus now. free from pain. and with her hubby. my grandpa died in 2001. so she's been waiting 8 years to see him again. so i am very happy that there together again. i cant wait till i go home to, and i can see them. it well be nice.

Love you grandma and grandpa

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