Monday, August 25, 2008

Giving into God

Ok this is close to my heart so, I've been pulling away from God for a while, and its hard for me becuase i love him so much and i want to be with him. I been dealing with sin, and i just been gettin it in my head that i can't go to God for love or a friend to talk to when my heart is hurting, and i just kept pulling away from God, and i needed to talk to some one and i start talking to my uncle and he said something that must have come from the Holy Sprit. He told me that we are all sinners and that if iam waiting till iam fixed and not sinning anymore to come close to God, that day will never happend, becuase we are all sinners and the only day i won't sin is when i go home hand in hand with Jesus.
that just really encouraged me and i hope that if anyone reads this and i know that you sin, i hope this will help you, to keep coming to Jesus for forgiveness and a really helping friend.

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