Monday, October 20, 2008

Lucious is 3 years old.

 boy is 3 !!!!!! I can't belive it. its crazy. i still remeber when he was born and so small. and now he's so big and talks so much. We had so much fun on his birthday. on friday, oct 17, jason and i got him a thomas the train laptop and a pizzel. he loved it.then we went to the pool with grandma. (jasons mom) and then went back to jason's parents place for a bon-fire and had a wenner roast.

on oct 18, we went to my mom's pplace and it was all micky mouse stuff there. and my mom got him some movies and micky stuff and a nice pear a jeans. and we had a micky mouse cake. it was a great time.

on oct 19, we went to chruch and he got to go the threes room and play on the slide. and then we went over to jason's parent's place, and they hooked the horse up to a waggen and went for a ride with every one. the kids loved it and were jumping off the back. it was great. and then we went back to the house and had dinner and then Lucious opened his gift, witch was a car things.(you boy stuff) and then we had birthday cake, witch was thomas the train, 3D . it was the cookest cake every, and oh my, it was so good. Lucious eat thomas's face and its butt. it was funny. he eat just the icing. ummm...sugar. and then we went outside and had fireworks and and spriklers and the kids had a blast. and it took really cool pics. we were going to carve pumpkins but we didnt have time to. next week. we had so much fun, but best of all Lucious had fun.

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