Thursday, October 7, 2010

Southland Church

God has done such an amazing thing. Southland church has been growing like wild fire, and we need to buy the land beside the church. the steinbach council said no to selling the land to the church, but God told the church that he was going to give that land to us, so the pastor ask the church to fast and pray that the Lord would move and give us that land and today we find out that the steinbach council is going to be selling the land to southland church. God has done a miracle and he is the only one to prise in this. he moved in the heart of the people in charge of selling it. God made a way when it seemed inpossiable. Jesus you are so faithful and you keep your promises. you are so good and worth all the glory. God i know, because you have already told southland that you will give it to us, for the left hand turn to be made in the boulevard for going into southland. May your kingdom come and your will be done!!!!!


Mrs.G said...

Hey Shmoo
God is so good! How cool is this that there is answerd prayer regarding the purchase of the land to exstend the church...for the church is growing!!!
Thank you so much for helping me with Thanksgiving dinner I would not have been able to do it myself...God bless you my girly.
Iam going to post pictures of our dinner,I didnt take many,did you?

Mrs.G said...

Oh by the way, FYI...I was just scrolling down your fantasic blog, and I saw a picture of a big old Budda! On you National Geographic picture pod thingy.