Saturday, October 30, 2010

101 in 1001

So I did two things..........
I have been going through my list right now and, I see there are 4 things I have done!!!

#16 Get Lucious in swimming

and hockey.

*Swimming has started and hockey doesn't start till its cold enough to make ice. he has hot wheels skits.
#52 Make a new friend.
* When we moved to our new town, I got invited to a pre-school class and I meet a woman named Marena ( sorry if i spelt your name wrong) her son is in the same class as Lucious.

She has invited me to her home for lunch next week.
Swimming is scheduled next week too.

#58 Make behavior charts for Lucious and Sibylla.
*There are 6 things for them to do and, if they do them ... they get a star.
5 stars gets them one dollar!
There really doing good about the putting the dishes in the sink but not too good at cleaning there room:-)

# 86 Call the police if I see some one breaking the law.
*I saw some guy showing off for his friends one night... he was driving like a crazy man!!! Then his car went out of control and crashed his car into the side walk!!! So I did what any responsible mom would do.... called the police and hopefully they got charged !!

1 comment:

Mrs.G said...

If you want to pick me up for Lu's swimming lesson I'll go...know that you finally have your drivers!
I am very glad you have made a new friend, you deserve good people in your life.I am happy too that shes in your home town...I will pray for continued blessings on your relationship.
But about that call you made...glad your standing up for what is right...but I don't think you should share this info,some one might read this and might want to retaliate.
Love you with all my heart my girly.