Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beautiful Jesus

This past week i have been feeling so down and just wanted to go in my room and read my novel, and be left alone. last week we didn't go to church because i was sick and that effected me more then i thought it would. come friday i was feeling so depressed and hopless and didn't want anyone around me and then i heard jason praying for lucious, and something about that pray that stir something in me and i started to cry and when jason come in the room he prayed over me and the Holy Spirit spoke into me and the love of christ washed over me and i felt him talking to me again so strongly and powerfuly. after jason prayed we went and watched a church service we have on dvd and that spoke to me too. God was trying so hard to get a hold of me and last night at Church i just fall into his arms and worshiped with all my might and my hands were in the air all through the songs and i was in the front row, so for all i knew i was the only one with my hands in the air, but at the time i didnt care, it was just about me and Jesus. and the message was powerful and hit home with me. that i wasn't giving God my energy and time. this morning i woke up with a new hope and a new joy, and i got up and put priase and worship on (i always put my tv on first thing) and i singed to God and he pour his love and joy into me. i think i know what iam doing every morning now!!!! Glory to God forever !!!

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