Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Things

So i live in a little town and my internet sucks, and won't let me post any pic's, so i am now at my mom's place and i can put some pic's on my blog that i have been wanting to share with every one. First Jason has become really good at wood working. he builded a well and a child size picknick talbe. i am so prode of him. and he loves doing it too.

And another thing was that i cut sibylla's hair for the first time. she is almost 3 years old and she is always getting big knots in her hair so i cut it. it was really hard for me to do, because it was so beautiful, but i knew i had to because it was hurting her.

And poor Lucious, he has 2 bad teeth and we tryed to take him to the dentise 3 times to fix it and he freaks out so now we have to put him under to fix them and, but last time when they tryed, they gave him frezzing in his mouth and he started to chew on his lower lip because he couldn't feel it and oh did he bite off a big peice of his lower lip and it got big and fat. Poor Lucious.

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Mrs.G said...

Hello my girl..
I have yet to get onto my blog,its been such along time that we have been with the I am glad you were able to come over and update your blog,with pictures..yeah,its about time!!!

Byllas beautiful long hair sad,but her new cut looks very smart indeed! Bylla tells me she like her new do...that's the most important thing.

Poor Lu.I hope he will be okay for the next appointment.

Jason is very that little table how about a bigger one for me???
Love ya bunches