Saturday, July 17, 2010


So i am becoming sick. i am having a hard time eating, i feel like throwing up all the time.
i started my morning sickness pills as soon as i found out i was pregnant, but they don't seem
to be working. i really hope i dont end up back in the hospital. i dont want to be away from the kids so long. when i was pregnant with sibylla, and i had to be in the hospital, lucious was so mad at me for being gone so long. Please keep me in your prayers. thanks.


Mrs.G said...

You are in my prayers all the time my girl.I know... just how well, you can be ill with hyperemesis.

"May the Lord keep you well,and give you strength during your pregnancy, and protect your 4Th child you carry.In Jesus name, Amen"
your ma...

Mrs.G said...

I just caught up on my reading with your blog...its been awhile.I wish your computer would put out pictures more need to come over to upload on my PC!
I should talk???I haven't done a post in ages???