Saturday, July 10, 2010

Number Four

I'AM PREGNANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past month i have just been so gumpy and crying all the time, and today we
went to go to the doctor to go back on my meds and i took a pregnantcy test and they said no
i wasn't pregnant, so we walked out and i told jason that, all the sign's are there for me being pregnant, and we get in the van and about to go, when the nurse come to my window and said, you have to come back in. the doctor wants to talk to you. and the first thing that come in my mind was that he was going to make me talk to the crisis team. and i said why? and she got this big smile on her face and she said, the doctor made a mistake ! so we went in, already knowing what that mistake was. and he told us that i was pregnant, and that he read the chart wrong. lol
we pumped. The baby is due march 15 2011. I hope i dont get sick.
I am a little freaked out about having 4 kids, but this is Gods work here. and i will go along with what ever God does for us.

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Mrs.G said...

Yep...Gods work and maybe a little yours and Jason's...ha ha!
Congrats my loves...I am excited about being a grandma to number 4!!!
That's so funny the doc. made a mistake...I knew there was something going on with you!!!
love ya mom