Thursday, April 22, 2010


RESTORED, is a book i am reading right now. My mother in law is leaning it to me.
Its about taking back your freedom we have in Christ. and Holding strong on to the Cross.
Not letting the devil have any part of your.
I am on chapter 4. Letting go of bitterness and unforgivness.
i thought that i have dealed with a lot of my forgiving people but going throught the spets really showed me that i was blocking some memoiers and i just didn't think they had any hold on me, but Jesus showed them to me. I still have work to do in the area of forgiving.
Here are some really good passages for the book.
"Nobody can fix there past, but by the Grace of God we can be free from it."
and i love this one. "Bitterness is like swalloing posion and hoping the other person die's"

I am really enjoying this book, and i highly recommend it. It's called Restored by, Neil T. Anderson.

Last thought : In your steps of forgiving others, remember to forgive your self !!!
Everyone fall's short of God Glory, but not so short that his hand is still right there to help you back up. He DIED so that he could forgive you, just by you asking, and he can heal your heart of the hatered and bitterness you have towareds your self. Let go and Let God !!!!

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Tracy said...

Sounds like a deep read.Come over to my blog and see the book I am going to read called the Sylph by the Duchess of Devon shire..Its a little less serious...speaking of this era...Do you want to see Young Victoria with me????.Glad you enjoyed your evening out with your hubby yesterday.