Monday, April 19, 2010

I am a Bad Toothfairy !!!!!!!!

Lucious lost his 1st tooth about 2 weeks ago, and i just put it in a jar and was going to put it under his pillow later......and now it has been later, so last night i put his tooth in a little baggy and told him when you wake up look under your pillow and the tooth fairy will have left you money for your tooth. and Lucious went to bed all happy.
this morning as Jason was waking pass his room at 6am to go to work, Lucious call's to him and goes " didn't work" We forgot to put money under his pillow. oh we felt so bad. i ask Jason if he had any money on him right now and he said he had $5, and i told him to go give that to him, but jason said that we will do that tonight,
but Lucious is taking it very good. he said he will try again to put his tooth under his pillow tonight. Jason and i are going to give him $2 but all in courters.
Hopefully next time we will be better Toothfairys.


Steven said...

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Pass it on...

Tracy said...

Hello my girl
That so does not make you a bad tooth fairy...only a forget mom,beacuse you are sooo busy with three children.
love ya