Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Over the years

This is the only pic of me and jason kissing at the "i do's"
and yes we got married on a coach.

This was mine and Jason's wedding.

we got married on Jan 21, 2005.

I was 16 and Jason was 20.

and i wouldn't change anything about us getting married.
God had great timing because........

On the night me and jason got married,

we got

and on oct 17th,2005 we had Lucious paul-Irvin Unrau

.8lbs and 10 oz and 21 inch long.

Love at first sight.

Here is Lucious at one year. such a beautiful boy.
We were so happy, having Lucious was one of the best things we ever did.

We try ed for 7 months to get pregnant again, and on April 20 2007 i found out
i was pregnant and i was due Christmas of 2007.

but on nov 22 my water broke and i had to get to the hospital.
5 weeks early, Sibylla viola-lynn Unrau come into the world at 6lbs and 14oz and 20 inch long

wonderful gift from God.

Our prefect family of 4. and ya i know me and jason

make such beautiful children.

ohh.......but a surprise come to us on nov 20, 2008.

We are now having our 3rd child. we had only

wanted 2 but God had other plans, witch were totally fine with.

i am due augs 4 2009. and that only 8 more weeks from now.

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graciegirl said...

Ah...My beautiful Shmooy girl,how I love youand I am so proud of you, you are such a good mom,and your wonderful husband Jason is not only a good daddy to my two wonderious grand children, he also is a good husband to you.

There is nothing in this whole world that a mom could ask for, than for her children to be happy,to be loved and cherished, as you and your babies are.

Graet pictures, lovely little story.
PS; I can hardly wait for baby three.........Gamma:)