Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Rain

I love days like today. woke up in a good mood, had breakfast with the kids, watched the rain come down. Lucious and Sibylla and me colored, Lucious turned his pencil crayons in to swords, witch i didnt like because i just got him all new pencil crayons,markers and crayons. but he did colored some dinosaur's in his book. Lunch time came and i feed the kids and then put sibylla to sleep. I have stopped putting Lucious down for naps, because he wakes up at like 12am and comes in our bed and with me being 7 months prago, that isn't going to work, so we end up having to yell at poor lucious to go to bed, most of the time i have to get out a of bed and bring
him back to his room. so not putting him for an afternoon nap makes him more tired at night and then he sleeps though the nigh. ANYWAYS................

lol when i put sibylla down, me and lucious went and played out side, it was really nice, he played and i read my book, then we played baseball, he liked to pitch so i was trying to hit the ball. i saw that big black clouds were coming in, so we came in and i was going to read to lucious but sibylla woke up. by now thunder and lighting were going crazy and rain was falling really hard and the hail come too. the kids were just glued to the window, in complete aw of what was happening outside. It all lasted about 10-15 mins, and when it stoped i looked out side and the sun was out and there was water in the drive way, and thought, why not, lets go play out side. and we all went out and played in the water that was everywhere, it was getting really warm out and then a smaller black cloud come over us and it started to rain again, but we stayed out side anyways.
the clouds moved out of the suns way but we still over us so it was raining and the sun was shining on us. i felt so good and happy right there, watching on kids having such fun with just water, God gives us good gifts, such as rain and the sun. Sibylla ended up being naked running around, got really mud, but she was having so much fun. we were out there for a long time, until a wind come that started blowing us away, so we had to go inside.

Hope tomorrow is beautiful like today, I love watching my kids having so much fun out side.
here are some pics of the day.
thank you Jesus for your gifts.

They got a lot more dirty then the pic's show,

but they took off there cloths, so iam not going to show those ones.

They had so much fun.

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graciegirl said...

I remember when you kids were small and I took you out to puddle jump after the storms, you as your children do, loved it.Have a happy day all your days. God Bless.
ps: I am glad you take time to post I do enjoy them.