Monday, June 15, 2009

No name's

No Name

There is only 6 more weeks till my due date, and we don't have a name.
With both our other children we had names picked out along before this time, and its not my fault, jason wont agree to anything. He has 1 girl name he likes and 1 boy name, that is such a joke, i would NEVER name my son it !!!
Jason's name's : Girl - Vanessa ( which i don't mind)
Boy - Sosipater ( which i HATE )
Try changing the "s" to a "m" and rhyming !!!

My names are different but so is Lucious and Sibylla, so they have to sound weird but not like Sosipater !!

Heather's name's
Number one Girl's name picked : Hazel - which is Jason's great-grandmother's name.
Number one boy's name picked : Ezra - its in the bible.

Other Girl name's Heather like's :
Bonnie ( her nick name would be bunny)

Other boy name's Heather like's :
Wesley (number 2 name )

I showed Jason this list and he said he didn't like any of these name's.
I hate not having a name picked out.
My sister in law had her baby yesterday, 4 weeks before her due date.
( He's doing ok )

But that could happen to us too. It did with sibylla, we had her 5 weeks before my due date, But we knew what her name was as soon as she came out.
I want time for the name to set in and be a for sure thing before the baby come's.

Men are so difficult.


Something Old Something New said...

So what's wrong with Sosipator?????

No just kidding that is not good. Where did that even come from?

For a girl I like Jasons grandmothers name or your name Hannah but she may get picked on ie 'Hannah Banana' Willow is also very nice.

For a boy why not Brendon or Haddon

Well whatever you choose I am sure the baby will make no objections for the first 12 years.

Love you Aunty Leslie

graciegirl said...

Sosipator? no no no no! I agree with Auntie Leslie, Hazel for a girl is nice, and your boy name Ezra,Wesley is good too, we have an uncle Wesley in our family,one of the greatest guys that I ever have known, also Jake's middle name is Wesley,it got left out of the birth cert. for some reason.
Love ya.