Sunday, June 21, 2009

In our tent

We got a tent in i think April, and last night was the first night we slept in it.
we put it up 2 weeks ago, so we can play in there and what not, and i did try sleeping in there with lucious 2 weeks ago but we didnt have a air matures, and being 8 months pregnant and sleeping on the grown dosent work so good. i made it to about 11pm and then came in and jason went and got lucious. But yesterday i got a queen size air matturse and we all slept in the tent for the first time. me and jason slept on the air mattures and we had a little foo-ton mattures for the kids to sleep on, they didnt though, sibylla was in my arms and lucious on the other side of me and then jason beside lucious. wow, that wasn't going to work for me. so about after 10 mins of then sleeping we moved then to there bed. every one slept but me, i had to get up to pee and the air in the mattures come loss and my butt was on the cold grown, and then my stupid cat tryed jumping on top of the tent, hopefully there are no holes now. and then had to pee again. lol i just held it till morning. but we all woke up to the sun on us,( jason didnt like that) and we all were together. i loved that. poor sibylla's eye was crushed shut. we played for a bit and then i took the kids in the have some breakfast and jason stayed in the tent to sleep some more. which i dont mind because its FATHER'S DAY !!!!! It's going to be a great day.

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graciegirl said...

Hello my girl...sounds like alot of fun, and work!
Hope you get lots of use with the new tent.No pictures???
Happy fathers day to Jason, I posted a pic. of you two...check it out.