Monday, December 5, 2011

Food, inc.

No im not going to be talking about the yummy food channel, im talking about the movie that is out called Food inc and it talks about our food and where it comes from, because we really don't know much about it, but really if we knew, i think most of us would want to change the way we eat, not just for are health but for humanity it self. our food industry is so corrupt and no one really knows about it. exapet the farms who are being abused and pretty much being black mailed. this world makes me sick, its all about money, not ppl's health, i want to move to my own farm and just eat my own growen foods. one day God willing.
Pray for change and help change it by one, watching the movie, Food inc.
two, start buying organic foods. and three find farms around you when you can buy free range
chickens and eggs and other animal products.
consumers are the only one's who can change this corrupt industry, but STOP buying there junk that is making us sick !! WATCH THE MOVIE !! FOOD INC.


A Touch of Grace said...

I am almost afraid to watch this movie, it sounds much like the one my mother-in-law saw...she has stopped eating meat completely because of it!...I don't eat much meat any more by my own health choices...

shmooy girl said...

mom, its not that u should eat meat, its that it should be free range, because, its healthyer for us and better treating of the animals.