Monday, April 4, 2011

Small town flood

We have lived here for just over a year and last spring, the water in the ditchs did not get this full. Its kind scary that the water is so deep and moving so fast. and its right beside the school and all the little kids walking by. Hopfuly the ice will get un-stuck and moved away from the school.
There is 2 very large calverts under there. The water is starting to come up on the road. can't walk over that any


lady Grace said...

I dont remember seeing that much last year?
Keep the kids away from the rushing water!!!
Teach them the danger of it.

PS: I found a cool tool to read your blog in a much nicer way...
In your tool bar above your blog..there is the bar that contains, "feeds" and "Home" a little futher on is the word "tools" with an arrow,hit the arrow and youll see much to choose click "full page" I think its the 7th one from the top, click it and your page will expand and you'll see so much more!!!!

lady Grace said...

I still see on your side bar "G is for Gamma"
please change this, my new link is
1.add me to your link list and 2. re-follow me, on my blog please....
love ya thanks