Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saying GoodBye

On Sept 8th was the Ecumenical Memorial and Committal of Ashes Service for the baby we Miscarried. I was a beautiful day for it, and it was in the same cemetery that my Grandparents are bared at, so i got to go visit them too. It was hard to be there. They had the ashes of all the babys miscarried/stillborns in the past 6 months put in to the crypt. that was the hardest part for me, them pouring the ashes into it. there was a lot of people there, it was hard to be alone, plus my kids were there so. I am happy that my family came, thanks to mom, brentt and mom and dad (unrau) for coming. and thank you so much for my loving husband, who saw how sad i was and went and bought me a new Ted Dekker book. thanks sweety.
and a big thanks to St.Boniface Hospital for taking care of my little baby with such care and doing a beautiful service for him.

Rest in the arms of our sweet Lord Jesus Christ, My Baby Crimson.
Mommy loves you and thinks of you everyday.

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Mrs.G said...

My eyes fill with tears my girl as I read your post...I know you loved your unborn child so very very painful this has been for you and Jason.
I loved your little Crimson too and eagerly await the day to met him...I think it so cool that God told you, your baby son is with Jesus and waiting for you.
I am grateful for you and your brothers and my grandchildren who are with us,for our dear husbands...and all our supportive families.
Yes a big thanks to the hearts of St.B.Hospital,they were so compassionate...There many people there and I am sorry you didn't have quite time.

How thankful I am to be in the Christian family with Gods true Word to rely upon.
John saving grace