Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lucious starts Hockey !

Lucious started Hockey last night, right down the street. It was a beautiful night to start, we got to the rink and the coach came over and talked to us, and he will help me get some hockey stuff for Lucious. Lucious got his skates on and his helmet and we went out on the ice.

Lucious was scared at first, he fall down a lot, but he kept getting back up.
The rink was divided some of the kids were on one side of the rink practicing hockey and the other side of the rink was free play.
We skated on the free play side while his team mates (who knew how to skate) played on the other side.
Lucious asked for a hockey stick, the coach gave us one that was way to big, but my sweet boy wanted it all the same! With a stick and a puck in hand Lucious just started smacking the puck around, and he was really good and doing it.
With about 20 minutes till the end of the game, he expressed a desire to play with the other kids, well I said I didn't think that was a good idea, but we went over to the couch, and Lucious told him what he wished for... and the coach called him in to be goalie and guess what???
The first puck that came his way, he stopped !!!
It was so cool!!!
After being goalie... out he fearlessly went, to play with the other team members and chased after the puck with all the other kids.
I was so proud of him!!!
Mind you he couldn't skate as good as the other kids, but he didn't let that bug him, and he didn't give up.
He fell so many times and some times came down really hard on the ice,
but he always got back up.
As his mom I was so proud of him, and how hard he played.
If I wasn't convinced before that he would like hockey, I sure am now...
So I am going to go buy some hockey stuff for my little guy.
As you can see in the pictures below he had so much fun.
That's my boy!!!


Tracy said...

Hey Shmoo...
Lucious looks sooo grown up in the hockey out fit, and I can see how happy and excited he looks to be part of the team!
I too am proud of him and his bravery...I am glad that he has this opportunity, one that you kids never had growing up.
Way to go Lu!!!Gamma love you!!!
Tell that nice coach, that Lu's Gamma says "thanks" for the extra help.
love mom

Crystal said...

That is so cute - go Lucious!