Tuesday, August 24, 2010

12 weeks

I am now 12 weeks along. my sickness is pretty much gone. thank the Lord.
and i have already started with tuns of pain in my pelvis. everything is moving out of the way
for the baby to grow. i cant wait to feel he or she move around. next week i get to go hear the heart beat. we will for sure find out the sex so we can get everything ready. me and my mother in law both think iam having a girl. i thought of a pretty name, Crimson. i haven't ran it by jason yet so its just a maybe. march feels so far away. i can feel i already have a belly, you cant see it but i can feel it, i cant lay on my belly, i feel like iam laying on a ball. every day sibylla asks me if she can see the baby now, lol she is super pumped. i am too. i am so happy iam having a baby.

so ya that is whats going on lately. i will leave you with a little pic of the cuties.

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Mrs.G said...

Hello my girl
I too am very excited about the baby,I don't know what I feel you will have...boy? girl?... it doesnt matter,just prayerful that the baby is healthy.

The picture of the kids is great! It really shows off each of the unique personality.
Love you all....