Monday, April 12, 2010

My Husband is so Mean !!!

Now iam going to rabbit trail a little and give you a little story be for i tell you what my husband said to me.
Jason is a joker, he makes jokes all the time and "thinks" he's the funnest. Now at Easter dinner at his parents place, we all set at the table to play a game of Apple's to Apple's,(super fun) all but Jason's brother David and his wife Crystal. they sat on the couch, snuggling. And were all making jokes about them going off to be "alone" !! and some one said "they could go to the barn"and someone else said "ya the sheep will keep them company" and Jason goes, 'will David is Scottish" (as to say he can have sex with a sheep because he's Scottish) i punched him in the arm for saying that, but he still thought it was soo funny. Anyways, last night we were in bed, and Jason is try to fool around and i said i was too tired to, and i joking said, "go find a goat you Scott's' man" and then he looked right at me and said "found one" !!!!!!
SO DIDN'T GO OVER GOOD !!! He's just killing him self laughing and iam trying to kick him out of my bed !!! I couldn't be live he would say that to me !!! LOL i still can't believe he said that to me. and yes he did later say he was sorry, but only with a big smile on his face !!


cc said...

This is my comment to you my dear...No Comment!
Love ya

Koibito said...

WOW!! Not sure if he's either the bravest man alive or the stupidest. I'm leaning towards stupid... lol

shmooy girl said...

LOL me too....He still thinks that was the greatest thing ever. lol
I am sure he will for years to come !! UNRAU'S !!! LOL