Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Kids are so cute !!!

Here are some cute short storeys about what my wonderful Kids have done this past week.
Lucious: this story isn't so cute, but worth writing about. On Monday morning, around 2am i woke up to a sound in my room and when i opened my eyes, there was a dark figure standing over me and be for i had time to be in total shock, it grabbed my face. It was Lucious. and i didn't know that until i screamed and he ran out of my room crying. he scared me and i scared him by him scaring me. poor boy. and all he wanted was to sleep next to me because he wasn't feeling good.
Sibylla: this isn't cute either, really its fairly gross. she is now potty trained and he likes to take out the little tray from her potty and dump it in the big potty. one day i walked into the bathroom and fold her little potty tray on my counter.........next to everyone's tooth brush's !!!
she wash her potty with our tooth brushes!!! i wonder how long she has been doing that.
and yes we went and bought new toothbrush's.
last night, sibylla slept in our room, we made her a bed on the floor. ( Elijah is sleeping in her room so he can cry himself to sleep and sleep throw the night) anyways, she woke up around 3am screaming, and i turned on the light and went to her and she was still some what sleeping, and she told me about her bad dream. and then she said, "pray". she wanted me to pray for her. i was so over joyed that her first instinct when she got scared was to pray. it kept me up for another hour, thanking God.
Elijah: He peed on me !!!! lol and he kills himself laughing when i am changing his poopy bum !!!
As i said above elijah is in another room, crying himself to sleep,and on Saturday night, was the first night he sleep ed and didnt wake up. the past two nights though, i brought him in our bed again, because my boobs were going to blow up, i needed to feed him. I was making my bed very wet !!
so those are my storeys. i hope you had a good time reading them.
till next time !!!

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cc said...

Hello my girl...I love to hear these adorable stories...do you remember when Lu. was at our house,I think he was 2,maybe 3 years old and I was giving him a bath, he took the face cloth and started scrubbing his chest and said " look Gamma, I am washing Jesus" LOL!
I love your babies and you, and I am so proud of you and Jfor raising your kids with our Lord...you both are are loving and attentive parents .