Saturday, March 27, 2010

101 in 1001 Completions

My 101 in 1001 list, number # 35 is half way done. its say's two outside door and we got it done on saturday, and jaosn is picking up our 2ed one today after work. the door we had didn't lock and dosen't close. so we are very happy we got this done.
# 60 is done,(tim cards for pan-handlers) well we bought the cards and just waiting to see pan-handlers/homeless ppl.
#95 new picture frams for the kids pic's, done and hugging in my living room !! looking great !!

I had pictures of our old door and our new one but, iam having a lot of trouble loading them, so i can't, sorry about that.

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cc said...

Hey Shmoo
I can hardly wait to see your new door...good for you and J. for sticking to your list!
I had a pan handler for you yesterday...he came right up to me on my lunch break at work asking for money, the security guard escorted him out of the building, but not before I handed him my granola bar.
...I always wonder if that's the right thing to do,the girl's at work said no...because it will only encourage them to come into the hospital???