Monday, November 2, 2009


we always took pictures of the 3 of us, the day we left the hospital after having one of are kids. i can't believe how young i look with Lucious, me and jason were babies our self's, 17 and 21. and i was 19 when i has Sibylla and 21 with Elijah.




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Gracie said...

It some times gives me shivers to remember just how young you are my girl, yet you have a maturity that is beyond your age.
I too see how much you and J. love the children and each other... and that, sadly many people don't have in there own lives...even the more mature in age.
So we all have something to be so proud of.
Three cheers to you and my son in-law, you both are a good example for many.

How's the house hunting going? Im leaving for your place in an hour.
Love ya