Friday, October 30, 2009

Sibylla and Gamma

My mom came out to my place to day, and we always take the kids to DQ or Mc. D's, and sibylla doesn't like having her picture taken, but she took sure a nice one with her gamma, i think its so beautiful. and MOTHER...... i dont know why you dont like the colore of your eyes, there so pretty. i bet no one has eyes like you. Your one of a kind. I had a great day with you mommy. Love you !!!!

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Gracie said...

Oh my sweet,sweet girl

I always have such a good time with you and the kids.
I love you all so very much.
I'll eat a burger any day with ya all, and suffer a tummy ache...just to see the kids happy.
Thank you for being a sweet heart about my eyes.
I think I got a complex about them when I and your auntie L. were just little kids, my dear sister teased me about the color being that of some thing yucky, I cant repeat it I am so traumatized;)
Just complex, ...but she did say it.He he.

Thanks my love,the picture looks really good,Byllas such a happy little girl.
Hug Hug