Monday, July 6, 2009


OMG..........Last week in the morning i looked out my kids window and saw this really big spiders web, and it had dew all over it. it was beautiful. then again this morning when ariel and lucious were playing in there room, and saw the sun shinning on it and it was beautiful and looked big. i walked out of the room and ariel yelled for me to come back . I came back and looked out the window and there was the spider. OMG, IT WAS MASSIVE. i couldn't believe what i was looking at. It was so gross. The kids dont want to go back in there. i know iam going to have a very hard time trying to get lucious to go to sleep tonight. he HATES spiders. so do i, big ones like that. OMG. i took pics so have fun looking at them.


Chrys said...

That's awesome - I woke up with one of those on the wall above my bed when I was pregnant with Kahlan. Scared the crap out of me! That was the first time I'd ever seen a spider that big - ewe!!!!

graciegirl said...

Oh Heather!
I get chills just looking at that picture!
I'd be screamimg:0 like I did at the small one I saw at your place. What will you do with it?

shmooy girl said...

lol iam waiting till jason and go and kill it, iam not touching that thing. and if i saw that above my bed , aim sure i would go into labor, because i would start packing.

Mister Francois said...

Oh my God
Yhat thing is huge! Do you know what kind it is?

Gracie said...

Hey Shmooy
I am back...I know you are going to post pics of your beautiful new while you are on the computer(I know you are very busy)come by to my blog and pick up an award I have for you.
(copy it and tell 10 things about you)